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About Us

We are a premier design, engineering and fabrication company dedicated to providing food grade solutions and services. 

SSWI began as an industry leader in the manufacturing of stainless steel tanks and accessories, with Valley Foundry as the root of OUR HISTORY. Now in association with DCI (Dairy Craft, Inc.), and being 100% employee owned, we are committed to producing the best quality and value stainless steel tanks in the industry. 

Our experience has positioned us as a premier fabrication company in the stainless steel food grade and agriculture industries. We offer a full-spectrum of services:

  • concept

  • design

  • fabrication

  • installation 

  • repair

SSWI is partnered with Marzola, as the exclusive dealer of their innovative grape processing and wine making equipment. We set industry standards with our passion and commitment to personalized customer care and on-time delivery.


Our consistent focus on improving product quality and processes to drive out waste saves valuable time and resources for our customers.


We specialize in the design, welding, custom fabrication, installation and repair of stainless equipment: 

  • steel tanks

  • catwalks

  • wine tanks

  • grape processing equipment (repair)

  • dimple jacket tanks

  • tubs

  • hose racks

  • milk tanks

  • juice tanks

  • mix tanks







custom fabrication.


Stainless Steel

Full Service Solutions...

Design to Installation and Maintenance


SSWI products are designed with industry-leading product sophistication and engineering practices. This experience, industry knowledge and technological aptitude provides a superior product that has earned the confidence of return clients with multiple projects.  Our Engineering and Quality Teams work hand-in-hand to ensure compliance with food standards and local engineering codes. 

  • On-Site Fabrication

  • Field Service Repair & Modifications

  • Full Crane Service

  • Project Planning & Management 

  • Plumbing Pipe Repair & Modifications

  • Pump Repair

  • Tank Repurposing, Relocating &


  • Off Season Tear Down & Repair

  • Screw Conveyor Rebuilding & Repair

  • Machinery Repair Support 

  • Liquid & Dye Penetrant, Pressure &

       Drainage Testing

  • Marzola Equipment Repair & Maintenance

Manway Products.

With decades of experience on our SSWI Team, we specialize in manufacturing engineered-to-order tanks, vessels and manways to serve industries from Wine to Food and Dairy. 

Check-out our specs for turnkey products!

  • Manways

  • Customized Fittings

  • Racking Arms

  • Dimpled Jackets

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