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Our beginning as Valley Foundry...

Sanitary Stainless Welding, Inc. (SSWI) has deep roots in Central California going back to Valley Foundry (VF) which was founded in 1898. Many of the traditional made in USA, fabrication methods, which are proven and tested by time, are still utilized by SSWI. In fact, SSWI occupies the same building and facility originally occupied by VF.  Our facility was specifically designed and built to fabricate heavy welded equipment. Each of our production areas are outfitted with multiple mobile overhead cranes.  In the 1990’s, VF was forced to close operations due to poor economy conditions. From the closure of VF, SSWI was born!

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Made in the USA

Becoming Sanitary Stainless Welding, Inc.

In 2005, Jim Mosqueda, who also worked for VF, started SSWI and had great success.  Jim followed in the footsteps of VF, primarily focusing on the wine industry. Part of SSWI’s triumph was to incorporate hands on partners and relationships which are still in place today. Jim's ambition and ability to cultivate relationships in the wind industry is what provided the foundation to what SSWI is today. In 2012, Jim decided to start the next chapter of his career and decided to sell the company. While it wasn't an easy decision, he wanted to make sure the future of SSWI was secure. Jim ultimately decided to sell to Dairy Craft, Inc. (DCI). SSWI is a 100% employee owned company through an Employee Stock Ownership Program (ESOP).   The program drives employee interest in the company’s success which drives customer satisfaction through on time delivery, quality and value.

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In Association with DCI

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DCI was established in 1955 as Dairy Craft, Inc., producing stainless steel storage tanks for the dairy industry. By 1969, the company had outgrown its original production facility in Holdingford, Minnesota and moved the operation to its present location in St. Cloud, Minnesota. This includes a 101,000 square-foot production facility and corporate offices.  With the purchase of SSWI, DCI has now extended its reach into the wine industry. DCI brings strong financial backing and highly skilled resources in industries outside SSWI’s primary focus in the wine industry. DCI and SSWI working together can surely accomplish your facility’s needs.

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